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individual identification Package


Athletes will perform several running tests on a treadmill, including one while wearing an oxygen mask. The tests will take approximately 75 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the test, the athlete will review their results with Coach Tilus to identify training growth areas to enhance performance.

The Lab

individual development


$350 ($50 savings)

The development package consists of the same tests as performed in the “Identification” package but done twice, 6-weeks apart. 

The major benefit of the development package is that you can take the information and make it actionable for you and then see the results at your follow-up session. This will allow you to determine if the training is benefitting you in the most effective way. 

The Lab





$1,600 ($800 savings)

The elite package is a great way for athletes experienced in sports competition who are looking for a more in-depth review of their performance to help them increase their competitive edge.

The tests are the same as indicated above, but this time you are going all-in! You will receive 1 test per month for 12 months. While some results can be achieved in short periods of time in the correct training, the real benefits come from dedicated training that is guided by regular performance tests. Your path to competitive excellence starts here! 

The Lab

Team Package

Contact us for a discounted quote for multiple members of a team.

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