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The Lab

Endurance Package


Our VO2 and Threshold tests.

Athletes will perform a running test on a treadmill while wearing an oxygen mask. The test will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the test, the athlete will review their results with Coach Tilus to identify training growth areas to enhance performance.

The Lab

Speed and muscle Package


Our maximum velocity and our vertical explosiveness tests.

The maximum velocity test consists of 3 attempts at a 10-yard “flying” sprint. Flying means you get a running start before the time on your 10-yard sprint begins. The average of your 3 tests is calculated and converted into mph.

The vertical explosiveness tests consist of 3 tests where you attempt to jump as high as you can and measure your height as well as your ground force and reaction speed. These multiple tests allow us to see how your muscles create explosive movement at high velocity.

The Lab

elite Package


Combine all of our tests for the most comprehensive insight into the athlete.

The elite package is a great way for athletes experienced in sports competition who are looking for a more in-depth review of their performance to help them increase their competitive edge.

In addition to the treadmill test provided in the Starter Package, the Elite Package adds our maximum velocity and our vertical explosiveness tests. 

The Lab

Team Package

Contact us for a discounted quote for multiple members of a team.

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