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Athletes will perform several running tests on a treadmill. The tests will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Upon completion of the test, the athlete will review their results with Coach Tilus to identify training growth areas to enhance performance. Below is a video example of a review of the data so you can see the depth of information in the results.

The Lab







The elite package is a great way for runners who are looking for a more in-depth review of their performance to help them increase their competitive edge.

The tests are the same as indicated above, but this time you are going all-in! You will receive a package that includes: monthly training plans, strength training program, nutrition planning, mental strength training, race analysis and strategy, unlimited coaching interactions, and optional on-site training days with other XLR8 runners.

This package is the game-changer. Request an appointment or call for more details. (515) 343-6987. 

The Lab

Team Package

Contact us if you have interest in finding out how we can help your school team. We work with all levels of programs. 

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