Performance Testing

at the Lab

how does testing help you get better?

The key to performance is optimizing your training to fit your genetic abilities.

Without accurate information you will spend time training that is not beneficial and may even lead to different injuries.

Our elite testing lab has the best available equipment to produce exact results that will allow us to pinpoint your training needs to chase down your goals.

Endurance Testing

Identifying your VO2 Max is an opportunity to identify the aerobic power and function of your heart and lungs. Knowing this value is critical to building effective training plans for runners of all distances.

Identifying your thresholds will provide information to ensure that you are training at all of the correct paces for each of your workouts. Additionally, a performance coach can also identify which areas of your training plan can be adjusted to optimize your individual needs.

Speed Testing

Identifying your max “velocity” is used to determine your top-end speed. As the saying goes in sports, “speed kills”. Knowing this information is critical to determining training options to improve your speed and become untouchable on the track and in the open field.

Identifying your max “acceleration” is used to determine your speed from a complete stop over a short distance. This is a critical component of sprinting and all ball sports.

Explosion Testing

Identifying your max vertical is used to determine how explosive your muscles are in storing energy and releasing energy. Developing this aspect of your training will increase all aspects of your performance.

Identifying your rebound vertical is used to determine the elasticity (springiness) of your muscles. Quick ground contact time and a high rebound jump indicates an explosive athlete who will dominate in sprints and jumping activities.

Identifying your repeat vertical is used to determine your relative concentration of muscle fibers. Being able to identify athletes with large amounts of slow twitch or fast twitch fibers is a key way to individualize and optimize training to see the biggest performance gains.

The Lab

Testing Packages

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals through our series of tests designed to understand your athletic potential.

Endurance package

  • Treadmill VO2 Max
  • Treadmill Threshold

Speed and Muscle package

  • Max Velocity
  • Max Acceleration
  • Vertical Max, Repeat, & Rebound

Elite package

  • Treadmill VO2 Max
  • Treadmill Threshold
  • Max Velocity
  • Max Acceleration
  • Vertical Max, Repeat, & Rebound

Team Packages

For teams committed to achieving excellence as a unit, we’re happy to put together a package designed to help each member understand their strengths and weaknesses. Contact us for more details.

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