Working in the world of performance testing it can be easy for many athletes or parents to wonder why measuring metrics such as 40-yard dash, max vertical, bench press, etc. matter. Shouldn’t sport performance on the field matter most? Short answer…of course! However, the more complicated answers are: 1. colleges like their metrics, and 2. this information allows for more accurate training plans and identifying what works and what doesn’t for a specific athlete.

A month ago we had Roosevelt standout freshman, Arianna Jackson, come into the lab for testing. Her vertical max and repeat vertical tests were OFF THE CHARTS! Within a few days, her parents had already heard from a major Div 1 coach that said that none of the players on his basketball roster could match those numbers. You can guess that this coach will now be keeping a closer eye on Arianna. Additionally, I now have added information with which I can use to help her balance multiple sports at the same time.

Long story short, your metrics matter. They will keep you relevant and on the radar even if you are out for any length of time for an injury or other issues. Develop and improve your metrics so that you can continue to take your game to a higher level.

– Ben Tilus, Head Performance Coach @ XLR8 Performance Lab